This entire pandemic has made me a big fan of curbside pickup at stores. I used to go shopping constantly, but, ever since the pandemic started, my husband does all the in store grocery shopping. I haven't felt comfortable going into stores during the pandemic. I know I was probably being dramatic, and I would have been fine, but whatever, he was fine with doing the shopping. It's good and bad because he gets everything that is on our list and doesn't buy anything extra, BUT sometimes, he would get only one package of butter, when I would usually buy two. We had to have a little talk and we're all good now, plus he doesn't have to go as often when he buys more than one. A few times he came home and told me the store he went to didn't have certain kind of cookie or chips, and I was wondering why, and now thanks to this article from Delish, I found out.

Delish reports the reason that this is happening is because manufacturers are sticking to making only the traditional flavors of their products. They saw traditional and plain flavors selling the most and since the demand for those are so high, that's why you may not be able to find those sour cream and onion chips when you visit the store. CNN reports that companies like General Mills and Pepsi Co to name a few are doing this to make sure they are keeping up with production of their traditional flavors. Another reason that CNN notes is when a different variety of a product is made, packaging other different things needs to be switched, that takes more time. It makes sense to keep things simple right now and focus on making profits in order to pay their employees, but I still miss some of my non traditional flavors.


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