More delicious tacos are making their way to New Jersey!

Capital Tacos, a popular, expanding Tex-Mex taco chain based in Florida, is looking to plant its flag in New Jersey by 2024, according to!

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This will be their first New Jersey location! Capital Tacos is an award-winning chain with a delicious menu of tacos, burritos, bowls, hand-cut tortilla chips, nacho-style fries, Mexican style corn, salads, and desserts. Check out their full menu HERE. 

Right now they have 12 locations in Florida, Colorado, Georgia and North Carolina.

And they don't skimp on the steps it takes to make good food, according to their website.

"Our menu is chef-created, made from scratch, from homemade recipes, grilled and then hand-crafted to order. And we continually innovate. Why? Because the #DoneRight mission never ends. Once we set a high bar and reach it, we simply reset it even higher."

Where will Capital Tacos open in NJ?

So far, we don't have a pinpoint location yet, but we do know they're heavily interested in Middlesex County real estate. They're hopeful to be up and running in the early months of 2024. 

We'll keep an eye out for when and where they plan on opening, but this pretty cool! Could potentially be your new favorite lunch spot.

This place definitely looks like it's a cut above your everyday Taco Bell! Where are you hoping Capital Tacos will open? Also, don't be afraid to let us know where your favorite taco spot is in New Jersey!

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