Be extra wary if you'll be purchasing gift cards this holiday season! Scammers are on the move.

Officials are warning gift card buyers of a new scam that's already wreaked havoc at a Giant grocey store in Pennsylvania, according to Fox29. Police are calling it the "card draining scam", and so far it's affected more than 100 gift cards from the store.

What is the "Card-Draining" scam?

Here's how it works. Scammers are seeking out popular gift cards like Visa Vanilla and Apple on the shelves at the store. Once they have the giftcard in hand, they'll secretly collect the card's information before putting it back on the shelf - most likely feigning lost interest in actually buying the gift card.

And then it's a waiting game. The thieves will patiently wait for the card to become active. Once someone else eventually purchases that card, the scammer - already armed with the card's information - will then drain the card's balance.

How can I avoid the card-draining scam?

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Officials are urging customers to carefully inspect gift cards before buying them. If it looks tampered with, opened, or if the pin code is scratched off, don't put it back on the shelf leaving it for someone else to be scammed. Take it the cashier and alert them of the isue.

Unfortunately, this scam has been ongoing nationwide. With the holiday season upon us, it's imperative to stay wary of these sorts of scams, as giftcards are among the most popular gifts. Be careful!

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