If you have never played Cards Against Humanity, you are seriously missing out! It's one of those card games that makes you cringe, makes you laugh and is always a good time! If you've never played, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. The person who asked the question from the black card will then pick their favorite white card. The key to this game is to really focus on who's choosing the black card, know their personality, because even if someone puts down a funny white card, that person who read the question from the black card, may not pick that one as their favorite. It all depends on their personality. If you're white card is picked, you are the winner of that round! Whoever collects the most black cards, wins!

So now that you know how to play, I have to tell you that the Chicago based company that brought you this game is hiring! They are willing to pay $40/hr to writers to come up with questions and answers to the black and white cards. So if you have a dirty and witty mind, you should apply here! The deadline is August 31st!

How cool would this job be?! I think they'll get a lot of applicants!

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