After multiple years of being the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, the franchise decided that it was time to part ways with Carson Wentz. Just like breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend you want to have absolutely no ties with them, right?

Well, it seems like Carson Wentz wants nothing to do with anything that is near the Philadelphia Eagles stadium. Wentz has officially put his 11 acre home up for sale. According to Philly Voice, Carson Wentz purchased his little mansion in June of 2016 for $950,000.

We found pictures of Carson Wentz's house on Redfin and it is a very pretty house. It has 5 bedrooms and 4 and a half baths. Just looking at the front yard it already looks like a house that you would love to have. We learned from Redfin that Carson Wentz's home is up for sale for $1,700,000. Sounds like he will be winning if it sells for that price.

A lot of times you see that celebrities are selling their homes for less than they purchased it for, but that’s not the case here.

Just take a look at the front part of the house. Carson Wentz was living the good life in Woodstown, NJ. If you were wondering, "Where is Woodstown, NJ?'', it is deep south of the Garden State. The town is just a few miles southwest of Glassboro.

Credit: Redfin

If you want to own Carson Wentz's old house you can have your own basketball court and gym all indoors.

Credit: Redfin

It was stated on Redfin that if you can afford about $7,849 per month you can be the new owner of Carson Wentz’s New Jersey home.