Police are asking the public's help in bringing suspected thieves to justice in Washington Township.

Catalytic converter thefts have been running rampant in New Jersey and all over the country for several months. Thieves have been targeting them to resell them at junk yards for hundreds - even thousands of dollars.

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Gloucester County police are seeking several suspects that have targeted one neighborhood in particular, having already stolen at least 10 catalytic converters within the last two months, according to 6abc.

Have you seen this car?

Surveillance cameras have captured the suspects driving a gold/orange Acura TLX as their getaway car, which police believe has also been stolen. The vehicle is being sought in connection to the string of thefts.

Credit: Facebook/Washington Township Police Department
Credit: Facebook/Washington Township Police Department

Recently they hit about 7 cars along Brookside Drive parked along the street. Witnesses in the neighborhood who heard and saw the commotion say they work quickly.

They've also hit other neighborhoods, according to Washington Township Police:

"The vehicle was involved in catalytic converter thefts in the Hunt Club on November 30th and additional catalytic converter thefts on December 23rd in the Fishpond Rd / Hunters Chase areas," their Facebook post reads.

"Anyone with information or the vehicle whereabouts can contact police dispatch at 256-1212 or contact Detective Matt Barnett at (856) 589-0330 ext. 1180 or mnbarnett@pd.twp.washington.nj.u"

Why are thieves stealing catalytic converters?

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Catalytic converters are made from three valuable metals: Platinum, palladium and rhodium. They help create the chemical reaction that makes your car's exhaust  fumes less toxic. They can be worth thousands of dollars at metal scrap yards.

Keep your eyes peeled and if you see anything, notify the police immediately!

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