If you’re a Gordon Ramsay fan, you’re going to love this. As we all heard, Gordon’s famous show, Kitchen Nightmares, is returning to TV and will be better than ever.

This was a show that I binged just about every episode during quarantine, so when I heard this I was so excited. Not only is the show as a whole coming back, but Gordon has also officially been spotted filming at a New Jersey restaurant that will be featured on the show.


If you’ve never seen the show before, Gordon goes around the country and visits different restaurants that aren’t doing so well and he then makes it his mission to fix it up.

This means, a local restaurant is about to get a total Gordon Ramsay makeover soon, and I seriously cannot wait to try it out!

The restaurant is a pizza shop in Bergan County called Da Mimmo in Dumont, New Jersey. According to Dailyvoice, the shop is owned by TikTok influencers, Vincent, Antonio, and Vito Gigante, who opened the shop last November. Gordon was seen with a production crew in the area on June 5th.

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The shop has posted on Instagram that they will remain closed from June 3 through the 7th and to “stay tuned for what’s next” which could only mean one thing.

Filming is expected to wrap up today, so I’m sure we won’t be able to see the episode for a pretty long time. I’m curious to see when the shop will reopen and what it will look like once Gordon is finished!

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