According to, Barra Rosa Ristorante in Center City Philly is offering a special menu on Mischief Night (Oct. 30).

A special menu for Halloween doesn't seem that unusual, but this one is especially creepy.  That's because, according to Philly Voice, Barra Rosa's "Last Reservation Dinner" is "a mashup of serial killers' last meals, paired with alcoholic beverages."

That's right.  The restaurant has taken the last meal requests from six notorious serial killers and created a menu out of those items, which includes pizza, fried chicken and pecan pie. says the alcoholic beverages include a Crown Apple and vanilla martini, Dracula rosé by Vampire Vineyards, and a Lethal Injection cocktail "made from Ketel One peach vodka with melon liquor and pineapple juice, served in a large plastic syringe needle."

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Barra Rosa Ristorante is located at 929 Walnut St.  For more info or to make reservations, visit them online here.

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