It has to be a great feeling to have a superstar shout out your high school but it has to be even better if it's the superstar that is from the area also.

According to, pop star P!nk recently shouted out to the Central Bucks High School West choir. We learned the reason why P!nk gave the Central Bucks High School West choir a shout out was because "they produced a video tribute for the pop star."

Just in case you did not know, P!nk is from the Bucks County area, Doylestown to be exact. P!nk attended Central Bucks High School West. It was stated on that the singer was actually a part of the school choir as well.

Joseph Ohrt, who is still a teacher at Central Bucks High School West got a major shout on social media. stated that P!nk gave her former choir teacher a shout out on Twitter and mentioned that the video brought her to tears. P!nk said, "I [heart] this and it brought me to tears!!!!!!" The singer continued to say, "You all sound amazing and I’m totally overwhelmed with love."

In the video that brought P!nk to tears, you can see the students from Central Bucks High School West covering the singer's song from 2017. The interesting thing is that the choir teacher, Joseph Ohrt, does not use P!nk’s stage name when talking about her. You can see in the video that the school used P!nk's real name, Alecia Moore.

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