The Newtown Athletic Club is always finding one way or another to stay connected with the community. Well, not only with the community but also with its members at the gym to make sure they have everything that they need to be in great health.

We saw on the Newtown Athletic Club’s Facebook page that today the owner of the Newtown Athletic Club, Jim Worthington, had a very special guest over at his gym.

The special guest that made a quick stop at the Newtown Athletic Club was none other than Dr. Oz.

On the Newtown Athletic Club’s Facebook page it is stated that "Dr. Oz is a strong supporter and believer in Exercise as Medicine." So we wonder if Dr. OZ was there to give any of the fitness instructors at the Newtown Athletic Club a piece of advice.

Either way, if you are a member of the Newtown Athletic Club and you weren't at the gym during the Dr. Oz visit you missed out on seeing him and probably getting a picture.

Some people in the comments section of the Newtown Athletic Club Facebook post with Dr. Oz were asking if Dr. Oz was at the gym to get the support from the gym owner while he runs for senate.

This just shows how involved I am with politics because I did not know that Dr. Oz was running for senate.

It's actually really cool how in Bucks County and Central Jersey people have been able to catch celebrities more often.

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