Apparently one Channel 6 viewer from Cape May has never heard the phrase, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Meteorologist Cecily Tynan, fresh off of covering a massive nor'easter for who knows how many straight hours, took to Facebook Wednesday night to share with everyone a voicemail that she received at the station.

The caller, only identified as "Pat from Cape May," seems to have an issue with what Tynan was wearing. More than once. And she doesn't like her hair, either...

At least Pat said she didn't want to hurt Cecily's feelings.

Look at it this way -- hundreds of thousands of people watch 6ABC. It's been the number one TV station in our area for decades -- since the 1970s. And I suppose, as a better way of looking at this, one nastygram from one person out of all of the people that watch Channel 6 is a pretty good batting average, but c'mon. If you have nothing better to do than call someone who's on TV and complain about their hair and what they are wearing, go look in a mirror and go back to hiding under a rock.

Cecily -- keep up the good work!

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