One of the most famous faces in Philadelphia TV just announced his retirement. 6 ABC’s longtime meteorologist and reporter, David Murphy, has announced he plans to retire from WPVI-TV (6 ABC) in a few weeks.

Murphy, who first joined 6 ABC in 1990, will end his storied career in television on September 7, the station announced Tuesday evening.

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"After 37 years in broadcasting, I have decided that I am an excellent candidate to exit from working life," Murphy said in a statement.

I didn’t realize this, but David actually first joined the station as a general assignment reporter in 1990. He became a meteorologist in 2004, and he immediately joined the the station's Action News Mornings broadcast team. So for more than 17 years we've been waking up with David Murphy on TV.

6 ABC has been a mainstay at the top of the local TV news ratings for years, due in part to the longevity of the station's staff. David is currently the third-longest tenured personality on the station, Philadelphia's Business Journal reports. Jim Gardner has been with Action News since 1976, and Rick Williams joined WPVI-TV in 1988.

"David Murphy has been part of the bedrock of Action News for decades, and his many contributions have been extremely important to our success as the leader in news and weather in the Delaware Valley," Bernie Prazenica, the president and general manager of 6 ABC, said on Tuesday.

“From news reporting to weather, it’s been a blast,” Murphy said today.

It was not immediately clear who may replace Murphy on the morning broadcasts, but we should find out pretty soon.

Last September, 6 ABC's competitor, NBC 10, made big changes to their morning broadcast team, following the retirement of Vai Sikahema.

It was last September, when the station shifted Tracy Davidson's role to anchoring evening broadcasts, and they moved Erin Coleman and Keith Jones to anchor their revamped morning broadcasts. 

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