If you pay close attention to things on your Instagram feed you probably have noticed a bunch of people posting these trays of deli meats and cheeses over the past month and you might have been wondering, "What the heck are those?" I was one of those people too. I did some research and found out they are apart of a new food trend and these boards of meats and cheeses are called Charcuterie boards. It's a display of meats and cheese and crackers and even bread sometimes too that is completely made for the 'gram. Fox News and other media outlets starting reporting about these boards about a month ago and since then, they have become huge and now with the holiday season is in full swing, the Charcuterie Boards have now become Charcuterie Chalets. I had to Google what a Chalet is (Yes, I know. You probably already knew what a Chalet is, but I didn't, so Thanks Google.)

These Charcuterie Chalets are trending all over Instagram like the ones you see below. So basically you get a bunch of gourmet deli meats and cheese and mold them into a house like the ones in this Instagram post.

Some who works for People Magazine, made a Charcuterie Chalet with her roommate and the video is very impressive. Inside the article it even gives you some tips on how to make your Charcuterie Chalet the very best it can be.


You know, I feel like this would be the perfect centerpiece for Christmas dinner. Not only is it a centerpiece, it's also an appetizer. So yes, it may be annoying some people, many articles I came across say, THESE NEED TO BE STOPPED! But, really? This is what you wanna stop? It makes people happy and it's a bunch of delicious snacks made into a house. Come on. I am good with this trend and I may even jump on board myself.

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