Another day, another announcement of another store closing.It's becoming a trend that stores everywhere are going out of business and no one knows what is to blame. Is it because all people do is shop online? I'm not one of those people. I would rather try something on in the store, see what it looks like and how it fits than just order it online and take a chance. Yes, I could return it to the store if it doesn't fit, but I'd rather save myself a trip and buy in the stores. Plus, with all the porch pirates out there stealing packages, I'd rather just walk out of a store with my merchandise.

A month ago, Charlotte Russe announced they filed fo Chapter 11 bankruptcy and we found out that the Moorestown Mall location would be closing. According to Fox 29, all the remaining Charlotte Russe stores will now be closing and there at least 12 in New Jersey. This news has also been announced on their website. What does this mean? Well, for starters, major sales are ahead! As we've seen with many other stores that go out of business, they have to get rid of all their inventory, so keep an eye out on your local store! Big sales were supposed to start today!

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