In honor of today being Earth Day, I was able to talk with environmentalist Jeff Tittel who is the director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. The Sierra Club is the nation’s oldest and largest environmental organization. The New Jersey chapter is one of the 60 chapters in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Tittel talked with us  about the history of Earth Day, why it’s important and the everyday things that we can do to protect our environment!

Did you know that today is the 51st anniversary of Earth Day? Earth Day started in 1970 to draw attention to all the environmental issues occurring in the U.S. For example, in 1969 there was a big oil spill off the coast of California and air was so bad in New York City on some days that people wore air masks. “It has been a tool every year for the last 51 years to try and draw attention to enjoy nature but also to recommit to activism to protect our planet and to protect our communities," Tittel said.

We asked Tittel why people should even care about Earth Day. Some people think that the environment doesn’t affect their life but that is not true. “On a regular basis, the environment affects all of us because we are one people, we are really one planet and what happens affects you and you may not even realize it," Tittel said.

So, what are some of the small everyday things we can do to be eco-friendly?

Tittel stated, “what we do on a daily basis has an impact whether it’s what you buy, or writing a letter to your congressman, or going to talk to your mayor about protecting an area or fixing a park. It’s all interconnected."

Some easy ideas include, when you shop for cleaning materials, make sure you buy the ones without toxic chemicals. Also, buy LED lightbulbs and make sure your attic is well insulated which can save you 25-30% on your electric bill. Who wouldn’t want to save all that money while helping Mother Earth at the same time?!

If you’re interested in joining or learning more about the Sierra Club check our their website, Instagram and Twitter !  As Jeff Tittel said, “ Earth day should be every day”.



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