There is a lot happening at Cherry Hill Mall, including the opening of a new store, store relocations, and expanded mall hours.

According to a post on the mall's Facebook page, a new store called Stilettos Not Just Heels has opened on the mall's lower level near Coach and Michael Kors. The post says the new clothing store is designed for "a hot girl who wears the latest trends in stilettos and makes her own rules about fashion."

You can check out Stilletos Not Just Heels' website here.

Cherry Hill Mall also announced that LensCrafters has re-located to the Nordstrom section of the mall. It is now located on the mall's lower floor next to Urban Outfitters.

And way back in April of last year, we reported that a current Cherry Hill Mall tenant would be moving to an expanded space. At the time, we guessed that the tenant was Apple and that turned out to be correct.

On Sept. 10, Cherry Hill Mall announced on Facebook that Apple had relocated to a space closer to Macy's. The new store is larger (and definitely more impressive) than its previous location. The new space even has an indoor tree. (Check out the pics below.)

Finally, is reporting that both Cherry Hill Mall and Moorestown Mall will be expanding mall hours starting Oct. 2nd. says at that time, both malls will stay open until 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays. (That's one hour later than current mall hours.) In addition, both malls will be closed on Thanksgibing.

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