Last year's trick or treating was different than normal because we were all still pretty strict with the COVID-19 mandates. I was pretty bummed out that last year I only got one trick or treater in my neighborhood.

Hopefully this year there are more.

With that being said, many families are wondering if there are any trick or treat restrictions since we are not fully out of the pandemic just yet.

The Cherry Hill Township Facebook page shared that Cherry Hill will have a trick-or-treat curfew this Halloween.

We learned from the Cherry Hill Township Facebook page that residents that trick or treat in the area will be able to do so from 2 pm to 7 pm on Halloween Day.

It is also stated in the Cherry Hill Township Facebook post that Cherry Hill Police Department will be paying close attention to all residents that are 17 years of age or younger to make sure they are accompanied by an adult after curfew hours. This curfew will start at 7 pm.

Here is another fun fact about this year's trick or treating. If you are still a little afraid of interacting with strangers you can have a sign displayed by your door that says you are skipping this year's trick or treating.

On Cherry Hill’s official website you are able to find a printable sign that makes trick or treaters aware that you are not a part of the fun this Halloween season. The sign shared on reads, "Sorry! No Candy Here. Treat You Next Year."


Halloween is right around the corner so we all want to make sure we have all of the trick-or-treat information we need.

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