Chickie & Pete's will cover your toll this Friday if you're headed to the Jersey Shore.

This is awesome!

Continuing their annual tradition, this will be the 5th year that the popular local food chain will pay your $3 toll on Friday between 5 and 6 p.m.

I mean with those extra $3, it's only right to hit up Chickie & Pete's after and grab yourself some of their crab fries (omg, they're sooo good!)

The toll that the restaurant group is paying will be the Egg Harbor Toll Plaza on the Atlantic City Expressway.

That's one perk to start your long weekend.

According to, Chickie & Pete's good deed is, "in an effort to honor the family military tradition of founder and CEO Pete Ciarrocchi."

If this article made you in the mood for Chickie & Pete's (because it kinda did for me) ... there is one located just west of the Egg Harbor Toll Plaza.

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