When it's your birthday, everyone is supposed to bring you gifts, right? Well, Chili's has decided to give us a gift to celebrate their birthday today. According to Chili's website, they're celebrating their birthday today and they wanna give everyone the gift of cheap margaritas! All you have to do is visit a participating Chili's  and order their Presidente Margarita and it will only be $3.13. The Presidente Margarita has become a famous drink for Chili's and I'm thinking it's because of their unique ingredient which is brandy. My husband makes margaritas with amaretto and I never thought I would like them, but let me tell you, they are amazing! So once you get that margarita, take a picture and post it on social media and tag Chili's in it. Why? Because once you go that, you'll be entered to win a $313 gift card! This deal goes on all day!!

So if you're into margaritas, and trust me, head over to Chili's today for one that cost only $3.13! There are two locations close why in Hamilton and Fairless Hills. I just made Happy Hour plans for you today!

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