Whether you eat Chipotle every day or have never had it, it's extremely trendy and is always being talked about. I think Chipotle would rather people say good things about their food rather than bad, so I'm pretty sure when they created their queso and people weren't a fan of it, they weren't too happy. According to Thrillist, Chipotle remembers the awful tweets like the one below regarding their queso.

I think they are much happier seeing Tweets like the one below.

So, what's in this new queso blanco that people love? It's got monterey jack cheese, white cheddar, and serrano, poblano, and chipotle peppers.

Check your local Chipotle to see when they'll be offering it. Right now it's only in certain cities, but it seems like it's picking up popularity, which means, it should be everywhere soon.Hopefully it'll be as popular as their guacamole!

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