The Village of Newtown Shopping Center is getting bigger and better. A few leases have already been signed which only means that  stores are getting ready to open up once some renovations are complete.

Amongst the stores that have already signed leases are, Philadelphia-based Factory Donuts, Fuze Barbershop and Naked Chocolate, according to

If you live near or in the Newtown area one new spot that you really have to get excited for is Chipotle. Oh Yum! Bucks Local News reported, that there was a vote with Newtown Township Planning Commission and there was a unanimous vote to allow Chipotle to have a restaurant at the Village of Newtown Shopping Center . . . There's never been a better vote! OMG!

This Chipotle will be located near the Corner Baker Bakery in the Village of Newtown Shopping Center. However, the building where the restaurant will be located is still yet to be built. According to Bucks Local News, they will start construction very soon and should be complete by the end of 2019.

Chipotles will soon be the new Starbucks because you find them almost everywhere.

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