Woah! Who would have thought Chipotle could be so generous!? The company announced it is covering 100% of tuition costs up front for 75 different types of business and technology degrees at a number of accredited universities. Now people are not just a fan of their food, but also their kind business in general. I know that I just became an even bigger fan of Chipotle!

It is pretty easy to become qualified for this sum of money too! After an employee has had 120 days of employment at establishment they are eligible. This is not the first time that Chipotle has tried to help out college students and their debts. Their debt-free degree program is an expansion of their already existing education program, which has provided over $20 million in tuition assistance over the past two years! I think a lot more people are going to be applying to Chipotle after hearing this amazing news! College is so expensive, so I love this program!! Thanks for helping all these students in debt, Chipotle!

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