A lot of us are probably still hurting a little from buying so many Christmas gifts and don't even want to think about Christmas at all. On the other hand, there are probably some others that are already looking forward to the holiday season because Christmas Con will be coming to New Jersey again.

NJ.com recently reported that Christmas Con will be held at the New Jersey Convention Center from December 11 through the 13. If you love planning way ahead of time just know that the tickets for Christmas Con will be going on sale later this spring.

That's 4 Entertainment, the company that puts together the Christmas Con, was getting questioned by the New Jersey Christmas fans wondering why was the California Christmas Con getting more celebrities than the event on the East Coast. On Facebook, That's 4 Entertainment made it clear that the reason behind that was because the celebrities live there.

It was also made clear in the Facebook post that the Christmas Con will be bigger and better this year since last year they only had limited space for the event.

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