There’s truly nothing better than enjoying some delicious treats during the holidays. The whole month of December you’re allowed to just try out all different kinds of sweet treats and of course, everyone has their favorite.

The biggest tradition around Christmas time, I’d have to say is of course the tradition of making Christmas cookies would have to be the biggest tradition for most families.


Everyone has their recipes and ways to make Christmas cookies during this time of the year, but I think it’s truly so amazing that this tradition finds its way into most families.

Google has curated a list of the most popular Christmas cookie recipes for 2023. Google Trends has shared a map with USA Today and has a full list of the most uniquely searched Christmas cookies by state in 2023. I’m sure they’re going to vary drastically, which is the best part!

The list varies from Mexican Christmas Cookies to Cake Mix Cookies, Christmas Sugar Cookies to Fruit Cake Cookies, but what are THE most-searched-for Christmas cookies in Pennsylvania for 2023?

According to Google Trends and USA Today, this map shows that the most searched-for cookie throughout the state of Pennsylvania are Italian Christmas Cookies.

For my family, Christmas cookies are a big deal and we tend to love the traditional Italian recipes just like the majority of Pennsylvania! You can see the full map and list here.

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