There are a ton of places throughout the state of New Jersey that is worth making the drive just for a good photo moment.

There are plenty of cities and beautiful towns that are the perfect backdrops for your Instagram pictures, but on a new list, this Mercer County city has been named the third most picturesque city in all of New Jersey.


If you want amazing photos you have to go….You guessed it! To Trenton! Research has been taken by a real estate site, New Jersey Real Estate Network, that Trenton is actually one of the most popular picture destinations in all of New Jersey.

First, they analyzed some Instagram hashtag data for cities in our state and it showed that Trenton is the third most popular.

It’s officially become the third most Instagramable city because it accumulated 312,488 posts under the #Trenton. Pretty cool right? There really is so much history within the city, so this makes sense that there are sure places to get pictures that you wouldn’t be able to snap anywhere else.

According to this study, one of the most popular places to snap a pic and post to the hashtag was the Lower Trenton Bridge at nighttime and even some restaurants made the cut like Lady and the Shallot which is a plant-based restaurant in the Trenton Farmers Market.


What was the most popular city in all of New Jersey to snap pictures in, though? The answer is Jersey City. I understand that though the nightlife there is so fun and there is so much to do. #JerseyCity accumulated about 2,592,509 posts, but Mercer County made it into the top 3!

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