After closing in 2019, there is some news for Clementon Park. It was one of the oldest amusement parks in the country before it abruptly shut down, but there could be hope for it yet.

According to Philly Voice, Clementon Park and Splash World will be auctioned off this month, to the highest bidder, so I guess if your life-long dream is to own an amusement park, you might be in luck. However, the amusement park might see its final days soon, depending on who buys it.

On March 23, it will be auctioned off in its entirety, with some things separately, like the liquor license, for example. You can even buy the rides. Imagine taking home an entire water slide just because.

According to Philly Voice, the space can either be reopened or have the space redeveloped, it all depends on the new owner’s intentions. According to Capital Recovery Group, the equity firm based in Connecticut, there is significant interest for the property.

According to Philly Voice, the park was opened for 112 years and was originally owned by a family before being bought out, In 2019, their annual Fall Fest was cancelled when the park closed for the season on Sept. 9. There was no telling what would happen to the amusement park, it did not look good for Clementon Park due to a filed foreclosure by the TD Bank in Cherry Hill.

The foreclosure was filed against the park’s operators in October 2020. The lawsuit alleged that the owners had not complied to pay a $4.5 million mortgage in full. The sale is taking place on the order of a court-appointed trustee due to the foreclosure order.

So if you're up for buying a Ferris wheel, March 23 is your day!


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