Tomorrow is a huge day in America. Thousands of students around the world plan to gather in their cities to call for immediate action on climate change. It is being said that over 2,500 strikes will be happening around the globe tomorrow. Philadelphia will be one of 500 locations across the nation participating and over 11 hundred people have signed up tot be apart.

The reasoning for the massive strike is to be able to voice opinions just days before the UN Climate Summit in New York City, which is set for Monday. According to, Philly Strikers want officials to implement a municipal Green New Deal which they want to include: 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, no new fossil fuel projects, and a transition to a renewable economy. 

However, Philadelphia public schools have made it clear that if students miss class for this event, they will be marked as absent. Megan Lello, a spokesperson for the Philly school district, told that, “We will mark students absent if they are not in class.” 

If you would like to attend, the strike is set to start prominently at 12:30pm on the north side of Philadelphia City Hall.