The end of Summer is creeping up fast which means that peak bathing suit season is nearly OVER!

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So you know those foods you have been emphatically avoiding? Well it's time to treat yoself to ALL of it!

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Google Maps

I did some research and pulled together a list of local restaurants at the Jersey Shore with the best comfort food. I'm talking about the stuff that taste like it was made with love.

For some, comfort food means mac and cheese and chicken tenders and for others, it means a bowl of warm soup.

So I made sure to include a decent variety! Keep scrolling until you find your perfect match!

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Google Maps

Did I miss somewhere that should be on this list? I am sure I did because the Jersey Shore is HUGE!

Email me about the place and where it is located to and I will add it to the list!

And now, loosen your belt by a couple notches and let's get this going:

Where To Get The Best Comfort Food At The Jersey Shore

You hear that? It's carbs calling your name...

I know....there's a lot of options.

Try each and every one of the restaurants on this list...I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!

Remember, if I missed a really great place for comfort food at the Jersey Shore, email me at

And bring extra napkins!

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