During the pandemic, I was very nervous about going out shopping for groceries. My husband is an essential worker, so he volunteered to do the grocery shopping. If I needed something and he couldn't go, I would use a drive up service so I wouldn't have to go in the store. I just started going back to Costco because the drive up services I use are free and I didn't want to pay for a delivery service to get my groceries. We've been members at Costco for a very, very long time and I am a huge fan of their products. Also, being a working Mom and just all around busy, it's nice to buy some things in bulk.

Some items things that Costco sells are an absolute steal and one of those things were their 1/2 sheet cakes that they sold for $19.99. Their bakery department employs very talented cake artists and they do some awesome designs. I've gotten many cakes from there over the years and was super bummed when they announced during the pandemic that they would no longer be selling them. They even said that they didn't have any plans to bring them back, which angered many people. It made them so mad that NBC is reporting Costco will be bringing these cakes back due to high demand and customer complaints. Chris Chmura who is a consumer reporter for NBC Bay Area, discovered the ordering station had returned and once he tweeted about it, people got super excited.

So check your local Costco to see if they have brought their sheet cakes back. If they haven't, I'm sure they will soon.

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