Even the smallest business owners are getting some help.

Thanks to COVID-19 many of our favorite summer activities have been placed on the back burner. It's really a bummer. And I can't help, but think about the kids who are missing out on so much right now. Summer camp, vacation bible school, that trip to Disney World, and so much more. I would also include the chance to run their own lemonade stand.

What a classic summer job for those little ones. Offering refreshing drinks to friends and neighbors on those hot summer days. Learning to count change, market their stand and interact with others like adults. These stands are a major way for kids to learn new skills and maybe even spark that entrepreneurial spirit. However, because of many restrictions across the nation with social distancing and whatnot, these stands aren't opening.

So, Country Time Lemonade is stepping in to help.

They've always been a proud supporter of summer lemonade stands and now their parent company, Kraft Heinz, is offering up $100 prepaid gift cards to these tiny business owners. It's called The Littlest Bailout. Parents can register their kids to win by filling out the form online. Country Time will be awarding gift cards to random winners, along with a commemorative check that looks just like the government stimulus checks.

They also created this clever video to promote the contest which will help to "put a little juice back into the economy."

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