Free COVID-19 antibody testing is now reportedly available through the Princeton Spine & Joint Center.

Many are lucky enough to experience only mild symptoms from the virus, or they’ll even remain asymptomatic (having no symptoms of the virus). So antibody testing will let you know if you have been exposed to COVID-19 and developed the antibodies to fight the virus.

Princeton Spine & Joint says that the testing has been federally funded so there won’t be any cost to the patient (not even a copay).

A recent study of antibodies in New York City actually estimates that as many a one in five New Yorkers may have already been exposed COVID-19, the NY Times reported this week. Information from antibody testing will help scientists track the spread of the disease.

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For more details and register for the test, Princeton Spine & Joint Center asks that you call them at 609-454-0760.

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