My mom has had a friend named Lori for a very long time. They met in high school and became extremely close. She and Lori were in each other's weddings and when I was born, my mom made Lori my Godmother. So on that day she was forever known as Aunt Lori. Her husband, Butchie became Uncle Butchie. Together they had three daughters, Kelly, Kristin and Kimberly. They have been my second family for my entire life and I treasure them. I am close to their three daughters, I love their husbands and their kids.

Kelly, their oldest daughter has special needs and attended physical therapy. Kelly came down with COVID and passed it along to her father Butchie. They're not sure if it was from someone at physical therapy, but it hit both of them hard. My Aunt Lori was able to isolate herself from them and not catch it, but they both got so bad they had to be hospitalized. Kelly was able to recover and was released yesterday. My Uncle Butchie passed away last night.I kept telling myself that he was going to pull through. I kept saying I couldn't wait to yell at him and tell him he scared all of us and he better never do that again. Unfortunately, I will never get that chance. He had complications far beyond what could be helped and his body gave out. His family and everyone who knew him was devastated.

My Uncle Butchie was a sweet, funny man who was always smiling. I honestly don't ever remember seeing him mad. He was always so happy to be around other people, he was so outgoing and loved to talk. I will never forget his hugs, his laugh and his voice. He always made me feel like one of his own daughters and we had a great relationship.

No one should have to go through this anymore. Not being able to say goodbye to a loved one is heartbreaking and losing them is hard enough. Mask up, wash your hands, get tested and get vaccinated. This virus does not care how much you love someone. It will take anyone it wants to. The pain is real and it sucks and I wouldn't wish anyone to go through what we're going through.

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