Spooky season is here and its time to start stocking up on candy to give away to kids on Halloween. Well, the Bensalem Police Department is warning parents to watch out for candy placed in their children's bags that may be laced with marijuana or other hard drugs.

According to 6abc, officers have confiscated what looked like regular candy during a traffic stop, and it turned out to be products laced with THC. The drug dealers had put the drug in sour patch kids, Cheetos and Sweetarts with the intent to sell them throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

So with Halloween quickly approaching, police are telling parents to check out their kids' goodie bags before allowing them to eat what is inside.

They don't look like the regular type of candies you'd buy in the grocery store or a candy store. But it's enough that if the parent isn't checking properly or a kid decides they're hungry on the Halloween trail, they might reach in and open a bag of what appears to be Cheetos, but they're not," said Fred Harran, Bensalem police director of public safety, according to 6abc.

Now Twitter got a hold of this story and is having a field day with this one. People on social media think its hilarious that police actually think people would give out free edibles during Halloween. Anyone who eats them knows the chances of that happening is VERY unlikely.

It doesn't make sense that someone would be giving away the good stuff to some kids to get high for free. Plus the pictures that the Bensalem Police tweeted out contained pictures of Candy and snacks that were clearly labeled as weed induced. Hence the product titles "Medibles", and "Stoner Patch Kids."

This is an urban legend that police warn people of every year. Not saying it hasn't ever happened and won't in the future, but I can guarantee weed isn't going in anyone's bag for free.

Enjoy the memes.




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