A home in Lakewood, New Jersey had a surprise guest enter right through their front door.

Just your average Thursday when a deer enters your home. Not only did this deer walk straight through the front door, it really made itself at home.

Ocean County homeowners accidentally left their front door open... key word - accidentally. Next thing you know, a deer was giving itself a tour of their first floor. Shortly after, it found its way to the pantry for a quick 20 minutes before being escorted out by police.

According to Phillyvoice it took multiple officers to guide the deer out of the home. Hands weren't enough to handle the deer, so a rope was necessary. Do not worry though, the deer is fine and back in the wilderness where it belongs. If you want to check out all the videos, there is more found on thelakewoodscoop.com.

Whatever you do, do not leave your front door open... you never know who or what might come inside.

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