I think over time, we've all become a little obsessed with Dave Portnoy and his pizza reviews. Whether you love or hate the Barstool Sports president, you have to admit his taste in pizza is immaculate.

I don't think I've personally seen a review that I didn't agree with when he visited some local spots. Dave has just recently given out his highest pizza score to date and it happened to be awarded to a shop in New Jersey.

He's been in the Mercer, Bucks, and Burlington County area time and time again trying out local favorites like De Lorenzo's in Robbinsville scoring them at a 9.2., Conte's in Princeton scoring them at an 8.9, and even Palermo's in Bordentown scoring the at an 8.2.

Although we've all been satisfied with those ratings, this New Jersey pizza shop in Raritan, NJ has officially taken the cake. If you're familiar with Dave's ratings, he doesn't give out high ratings to just anyone. if you surpass a rating of 8, that means you have some really amazing pizza.

What Is Dave Portnoy's Highest-Ranked Pizza Review?

Nobody in the history of One Bite Pizza Reviews has ever gotten a 10, but DeLucia's has just been ranked .6 short of a solid 10 score.

Barstool posted the video announcing that there is a new record for the highest-scoring pizza as the Barstool president stood outside of DeLucia's Brick Oven Pizza, chowing down on this legendary slice.

The shop itself has been a fan favorite in the area since 1917. Dave even said in the video, "you drive 3-4 hours for this pizza". DeLucia's is located at 3 1st Ave, Raritan, NJ, 08869. I wonder what shop, if any, will end up topping this one in the future!

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