I have to admit, I have a few secret obsessions and one of them is senior citizens. Yeah, you heard me right, I just think senior citizens are the cutest people in the world. Whenever I am out with my husband and I see an older couple holding hands, or even if I just see an older man or woman, they just make me smile. I don't know, you can call me weird if you want.

Anyways, when I came across this story of this man from Deptford, my heart melted. Matt Jacovelli is an 80 year old man who is not a farmer, just an ordinary man who just likes to sprinkle corn in his yard to attract some animals and he accidentally grew a cornstalk that broke the world record. He believes one of the kernels got buried by a squirrel and that's how it started growing. As of now, there are 29 cobs of corn on this stalk and it has now set a new world record in the Guinness book of World Records. I bet some farmers are a little jealous of Matt!

This man is super cute! See the news story that was covered by 6ABC.

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