I swear it's something new in Philly every single day. The city just gets stranger and stranger to the point where nothing surprises us anymore.

Did you see a random cow running the streets today in Center City? It was all caught on camera too. A loose cow that looked like it could be a baby calf, was running down the road near Broad and Erie Streets. Luckily, there were not a lot of cars around so the cow didn't seem to hold up much traffic. However, it is quite a sight to see a cow trotting down the streets of Philly with no sense of direction. The person who recorded the video can be seen driving along side the cow as it crossing the lanes and into the medium.

Where did the cow come from? There is no word on whether or not this cow escaped from a farm or it's simply a wild animal.

Social media users in the comment section on Instagram joked that Dallas Cowboys fans sent the cow to come terrorize Philly and all of its Eagles fans. Get it? COW-boys fans.....

To be honest this isn't the weirdest thing I've seen today in Pennsylvania. I don't know why a bunch of wild animals decided today was the day to roam the streets, but they did. I was leaving my house in Bensalem to go to work, and there was a huge turkey walking down Neshaminy Blvd. Traffic was backed up for a mile because the turkey get crossing the lanes and walking in between cars.

It was definitely a strange morning.


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