Bad things happen in Philadelphia, but then they make it funny. Philly is going to be hosting Fraud Street Run.

Ok so here’s the backstory. Sometime last week our President, Mr. Donald Trump, tweeted out that there would be a Lawyers News Conference at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia at 11am. That most definitely did not happen, but let me tell you why. It seems like someone on his team booked the wrong Four Seasons! The Conference was actually booked at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which is also in Philadelphia. That first tweet he sent out had to be quickly deleted and he updated it with a new tweet that confirmed the new location. None of this went unnoticed. Twitter users clowned not only him, but his entire team for that mistake! We all assume that they meant to book the Four Seasons Hotel, but someone did not do their homework correctly and accidentally booked the wrong place. 

It would not be Philly if they didn't make a big joke out of the whole situation. I’m sure you are all familiar with the annual Broad Street Run, right? Well, now there is a Fraud Street Run! According to, Jeff Lyons, a local Philadelphia runner and host of the podcast Junk Miles with Chip and Jeff, came up with the idea to run the 11-ish-mile distance from one Four Seasons to the other while chatting with his friend Gerard Pescatore, a Philly running coach, on Twitter.

This shindig will take place on November 29, at 9am. It will start at The Four Seasons Total Landscaping, and end at The Four Seasons Hotel. Jeff Lyons said that it is actually really unorganized and it’s supposed to be, much like the President’s Press Conference. According to the, Lyons said  “With this run, we want to make sure we celebrate good things happening in Philly and prove we have the best sense of humor — bar none — of any city in the country.”



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