I watched the construction on the Arthaus in Philadelphia for months. It's the brand new luxury condo building located in the heart of Center City. The Arthaus is located at 301 S. Broad Street in Philadelphia.

I just found a 4 bedroom, 6 bath condo that is listed at $15.1 million in the building. I have pictures of that condo posted below. You can find some cheaper ones that only will set you back about $2 million, they say.

But first... let's talk about the Arthaus itself. Right?

The Arthaus is the PERFECT addition to the city's bustling Avenue of the Arts. It's a truly unique building too. There's NOTHING else quite like it on Broad Street or in the entire city of Philadelphia.

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Arthaus's stunning architecture has me dreaming about being rich in Philadelphia, though. That is for sure. It's 47 floors of poor beauty. I'm not an expert in architecture but the glass windows make it stunning. It must be a pain to clean THAT MANY windows, though. Am I right? That's gotta be like a full-time job.

So here are some fast facts about the building as a whole:
(and keep scrolling for pictures of the inside of the STUNNING penthouse). 

  • The Arthaus Philadelphia has 15,000 square of outdoor space.
  • It has an impressive 21,000 square feet of indoor space.
  • The building includes a 75-foot lap pool, plus a hot tub and fitness center (which overlook the beautiful Kimmel Center).
  • It includes a first-of-its-kind rooftop glass-enclosed greenhouse, according to their website. 

On their website, they say that each residence is a corner so there are "sweeping, unobstructed views." It's located in the absolute most beautiful part of the City of Philadelphia. It is located just blocks from City Hall and you can see the ENTIRE city (and New Jersey) from the upper balconies.

Now... are you ready? Let's take a look at the penthouse:

Stunning! Look Inside The Arthaus Philadelphia's Penthouse

Located on the 43 and 44th floors, the penthouse of Philadelphia's most unique (and brand new) architectural masterpiece is located in the heart of Center City. The Penthouse for this brand new building just hit the market with a price tag of $15 million.

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