If you spend any time on Broad Street in Philly, chances are you have passed the colorful abandoned building on the block between  Fitzwater and Bainbridge streets. The building is small, cute and decorated with bright colors that you can see from a mile away. It has actually become a landmark for Instagram pictures.

What you might not have known is that building used to be  KFC. It was shut down years ago and eventually pained with vibrant colors to give the streets some color. Well, say goodbye to your favorite Instagram spot, because the structure is being torn down very soon. In the coming months it will be demolished and replaced with an apartment building. According to PhillyVoice, the new development will also feature 25 bike parking spaces and 16 off-site car parking spots. The new building will also have  grocery store on the ground floor, but it hasn't been disclosed as to which grocer.

So hurry up and get your last selfies by the colorful building before it is officially gone for good.

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