New Jersey has all of the fun stuff for everyone of all ages. If you want to gamble you go to Atlantic City. If you want a nice beach day you have a ton of shore towns to choose from. If you want a fun day at a theme park you can go to Six Flags Great Adventure.

Soon if your kids want to spend a day with dinosaurs they will have that opportunity as well.

According to, in Gloucester County, a dinosaur fossil park is being built that will cost over $70,000,000.

That is a lot of money.

Wait, I have a question for you. How well do you know dinosaurs? If you are as bad as me you probably have no idea what a Dryptosaurus is. Or do you know what that is?

We learned from that at the $73 million dinosaur fossil park you will be able to find "a recreated Dryptosaurus, the first discovered tyrannosaur." That will be pretty cool to check out since it's a cool looking dinosaur.

There is something even cooler that you will be able to do at the site as well. There, you will be able to dig to find your own fossils. reported that those that visit the site will have a chance to dig and the fossils found can be taken home as a souvenir.

If all of the building goes as planned the construction for the site should be completed by 2023. It’ll  be located "on the site of a former industrial sand pit", according to

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