I saw this very interesting post on Instagram by Wonderspaces in Philadelphia that really caught my attention.

Wonderspaces is an art museum in Philadelphia that "presents extraordinary artwork from around the world."

The Instagram post shows a picture of a wall that is a part of the exhibit at Wonderspaces. On the wall, people that visit Wonderspaces are able to answer a very deep "fill in the blank" question that is answered completely differently by every single person.

The question on the wall at Wonder Space is "Before I die I want to ______"

I personally think that not one person in the world can possibly have the same answer and it is a very interesting thing to think about.

By zooming in on the pictures we were able to read some of the answers that were motivating, eye-opening, and even had my mind spinning. Here’s some.

  • "see my dream come true"
  • "make someone's life better"
  • "see equality"
  • "to be the one that she believes I am and I know I am"
  • "be decisive"
  • "achieve immortality"
  • "marry my wife again"
  • "have kids"
  • "feel like I'm worth it"
  • "actually pursue my dream"
  • "live with no regret"
  • "meet my children's children"

We can all agree that all of those are just great answers.

It is crazy how one question can just make you start thinking about everything that you may want to accomplish in life.

How would you fill in the blank?

According to the caption on a post by Wonderspaces, the "Before I Die" wall became a part of Wonderspaces on September 15.

Here is the real meaning behind the "Before I Die" wall. "Before I Die by Candy Chang is a global participatory public art project that reimagines our relationship with death and with one another in the public realm."

Wonderspaces has on its Instagram bio that it is "A New Home for Extraordinary Art," and after going through the Instagram feed it definitely lives up to it.

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