We've all heard of food trucks going to different festivals but have you ever heard of the Hello Kitty Cafe truck? Personally, I never have but it is currently making multiple stops across the country.

It was shared on the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck Facebook page that it recently made a stop in the City of Brotherly Love. We learned that on April 17 the Hello Kitty Cafe truck was at the Fashion District for a day.

If you missed the Hello Kitty Cafe truck in Philadelphia maybe you can catch it on Saturday, April 24 in New Jersey. According to a post on the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck’s Facebook page, the big pink Hello Kitty truck will soon be making a stop in Edison, NJ.

If your kids are big fans of Hello Kitty this is probably where you would want to take them to get them out of the house. In the Instagram post created by Hello Kitty Cafe Truck, it was mentioned that the truck will be at the Menlo Park Mall. Hello Kitty Cafe said in the Instagram caption, "Find us near the Jersey Strong entrance between 10 am - 7 pm."

We learned from the Hello Kitty Cafe website that "Hello Kitty Cafe offers delicious and super cute desserts, pastries and treats for Sanrio fans of all ages."

After taking a look at the posts that have been created by Hello Kitty Cafe it doesn't seem like the truck will be stopping anywhere else. If you really are a big fan of Hello Kitty this will be your only chance.

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