New Jersey is about to be one of the first states to have a combination of these two stores in the country. Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores are probably the most common dollar store chains that we have in the area.

I didn’t know this before, but Dollar Tree actually owns all of the Family Dollar locations as well, and now they’re combining to give shoppers the ultimate dollar store shopping experience.

We haven’t seen a whole lot of these combinations in our state yet but the first combination location looks like it’ll be opening up in South Plainfield.

Their website is explaining the business combination as a ‘new chapter’ and has a list of reasons why the collaboration will benefit your shopping experience.

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To sum it up, they believe that there are strengths and weaknesses of each store and want shoppers to be able to go to one building and be able to get all of their shopping needs taken care of in one trip.


Family Dollar has more food options and everyday household items than Dollar Tree, but Dollar Tree locations always have amazing seasonal items that you can find to decorate your house year-round.

It’s being said that none of the merchandise in these stores will change, all that’s changing is that these stores will just share a building.

There’s no opening date that’s been released yet on when the NJ location will be open, but it will be going into the 1620 Park Ave. shopping center in South Plainfield, taking over the old Aldi location.

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