When it comes to shopping the less I spend the better the purchase is. To be honest, dollar stores come in clutch very often. Some dollar stores have everything you need from food to drinks to dishes, and sometimes even electronics.

According to The Philadelphia Tribune, you may start to notice a lot more dollar stores. We learned that Dollar General is a chain variety store that is growing at a very fast rate. The Philadelphia Tribune stated that "nearly 1 in 3 new stores opening in the US is a Dollar General." That is a lot of new Dollar Generals.

Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar make close to 45% of all of the new large retail chains opening in the United States. The Philadelphia Tribune reported that 45% is out of 3,597 new stores opening in the country.

The president and head of advisory and research at Coresight told The Philadelphia Tribune that the growth of many dollar stores throughout the whole country is due to the lower-income population.

The CEO of Dollar General, Todd Vasos, told The Philadelphia Tribune, “That company data indicated that there was an increase in new customers during its most recent quarter compared to the same time last year."

If you start noticing a lot more dollar stores in the area just know that Dollar Store is on a mission to be able to bring you items at a discounted price. I'm always up for a dollar store run.

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