Recently an Instagram page called ‘@newjerseymemes’ has blown up across the state with their county starter meme packs. People can’t help but laugh with how accurate these meme packs are. Sometimes it leaves people questioning why a certain thing/place wasn’t included. We got some of our interns to figure out what the Mercer County Start Pack was missing.

The first thing we noticed they missed was Pork roll! Mercer County is the birthplace of the creator of pork roll, and to forget such a staple piece of the area is a no-no. Speaking of food they missed Italian People’s Bakery, which also has its roots in Trenton. Many families to this day use their popular dinner rolls for holidays and events which is also a staple.

The starter pack featured a lot of the private/prep schools in the county but forgot Notre Dame! The ND sticker can be found on countless cars throughout the county! For many in the area they remember the St Greg’s Carnival as the start of summer, sadly the account forgot to mention this family festival that people get excited for every year.

Trenton Mercer Airport was also left out, but most importantly your favorite radio station 94.5 PST was left off of this list. We don’t want to toot our own horn but we are very prominent and based in this county! It’s okay @newjerseymemes we forgive you.

Regardless of what they leave out on the starter packs the account, as a whole is hilarious!

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