I think we can all agree that for a few exceptions, the year 2020 has kind of sucked. Except for the birth of my son in January, I think it's been a pretty crappy year. I see memes on social media constantly saying, "What's Next?" When you turn on the news, you now just expect to see the worst, the bad and the ugly. When are we going to get a break from pandemics, explosions and earthquakes? My hopes is that moving forward this year, things will calm down, people will be grateful for what they have, and people will start to smile more, even if it's under a face covering or mask.

Speaking of masks, we are still required to wear them pretty much everywhere we go in New Jersey. It has been proven that wearing these masks as well as practicing social distancing has made coronavirus cases and drop, but people are facing some health risks due to wearing masks constantly. I was shocked to hear this, but a certain warning has been put out by dentists everywhere. What they are seeing more and more in patients according to Fox News, is a condition they are calling "Mask Mouth." While we are being safe and wearing our masks, while we are doing this, most people are breathing through their mouths a lot more instead of their noses which they usually do. Dentists say, this causes dry mouth and dry mouth can cause tooth decay, gum problems, and bad breath. They are seeing more and patients with these conditions, which is why they want to warn people. My Dad suffers from dry mouth and because of my allergy medication, sometimes I do too. We love these Dry Mouth Lozenges and they come in a mint flavor, so you'll solve your bad breath problem too. Besides those you should also be making sure you're not drinking too much caffeine and alcohol and make sure you're hydrating as much as possible.

Unfortunately, masks are here to stay, so we need to make sure we wear them, but also take care of our dental health too.

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