I learned the history behind an abandoned building that I drive by often today. Whether it was to a hair appointment or therapy sessions, I would always drive by this old burned down warehouse that sits on the sits at the intersection of New Falls and Newportville roads in Levittown, Pennsylvania. I always wondered what was up with it? I couldn't tell if there had been a fire, or if it was just old.

Today I was out collecting photos for an article I intend on writing. You know, just doing what journalists do. I was in Levittown and decided to scope out the huge warehouse that I often drove past. Today was the first time I realized that it was an Inn. I went back to my car and did some research. The warehouse is actually called Roadhouse Inn and it was a very popular spot in the area. The bottom level is a restaurant and a bar. And the second level had apartment units.

According to Levittown Now, there was a devastating fire at the Inn back in 2019. It is still unknown what exactly caused the fire, but what is known is that it started in a living room in one of the apartments. Unfortunately, there was a casualty. A 30 year old man who was inside one of the apartments passed away.

It is very sad story given how much history this building holds. According to Levittown Now, the Inn stood on this corner for over a century. When I went up close to the Inn, there was a sign that said "We'll be back."

So hopefully the Inn can get back on its feet and restore its legacy.


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