Driving during a crazy snow day can be one the scariest things ever. Worst feeling is hitting your breaks and your car not stopping. Not Cool, Bro!!

Here are some things that can be part of your game plan during this and every winter season:

First, and it should be obvious, Drive Slow! Not slow where you cause major traffic but a slow, constant speed to get to your destination safe and sound.

Don't ever try setting your car on cruise control because hitting an icy area can cause you to lose control. Yeah, think about it. The car doesn't know it's over ice and it'll accelerate.

Another thing you might want to figure out is if your car has Anti-Lock brakes. If it doesn't, when braking on snow or ice make sure you keep pumping your brakes to make sure you don't lose control. For all vehicles with anti-lock brakes, while braking on icy roads make sure you hold your brakes down firmly.

Credit: Flyparade

An important one you should know is, DO NOT hit your brakes if you start skidding. Rather than braking make sure you turn your wheels towards the desired direction for safety.

For many, it can be things that you already know but how about if you had forgotten what to do ... now we're refreshing you driving in snow tactics.