In case you weren't aware, cups are having a moment.

Not just any cup, the Stanley cup. No, not the NHL championship trophy. The Stanley tumbler.

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Starbucks Stanley Stampedes

Starbucks recently released a limited-edition pink Stanley tumbler retailing at $49.95 - only available in Target stores.

As you can see from this TikTok video, people were literally swarming and shoving to get their hands on one - or two. It's kinda nuts. They sold out in minutes.

This cup has people camping out at Target for hours on end to get this thing.

I don't know about you, but I am genuinely confused.

What. is. the. big. deal??

Credit: Instagram @stanley_brand
Credit: Instagram @stanley_brand

The last time I checked, there are dozens of high quality resuable beverage cups on the market. What makes the Stanley cup so special? And why are full-grown adults behaving like schoolyard children to get their hands on one?

I asked the almighty Google: "Why are Stanley Cups so popular?"  (It predicted my question as soon as typed "s".) I was almost afraid to read the results, but here's what I found on Reddit:

  • "They are good cups though with sufficient insulation to keep hots hot and colds cold (up to 11 hours). They're also well-made, functional, fit in most vehicle cup holders, have straw lids, and have a sturdy handle."
  • "They’re a well made insulated cup that was already popular especially with women and gaining traction with teens, but skyrocketed to fame among teens in mid-November when a woman posted on tiktok a video of her car utterly destroyed by fire that had a charred Stanley in the cup holder still full of ice."

Also, the colors are really pretty. So I'll give them that.

And if you didn't your hand on one of these pink cups in-store? Good luck - your options now are to either wait and see if they'll restock, or check Ebay and other third-party websites, where people are reselling them for 2-3x the retail price. 

All of this being said... Are we ok? Have you seen any of these crazy lines at any New Jersey Target stores? Let us know!

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